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    Expression Builder

    Hello, (I am using Access 2000 - maybe Access 2002 too on another PC.)

    (What I can do with a 'Macro', I would like to do it directly with the 'Expression Builder').

    - I have a Button and a Textbox on a Form
    - I would like to Lock that Textbox when I click on that Button but directly with "Expression Builder".

    With Macro,

    - it uses the 'Set Value Action': (Then 2 things need to be input: Item & Expression)
    - In 'Item' : [Forms]![frmTransaction]![Normal_Client].[Locked]

    - In 'Expression': True

    With Expression Builder I tried:

    [Forms]![frmTransaction]![Normal_Client].[Locked] = True

    Unfornuately, its does not work, and it often places an '=' sign before the expression: =[Forms]![frmTransaction]![Normal_Client].[Locked] = True

    Please help me... Thanks...
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    I would suggest using VB Code, not a macro. In the code for the button's Click Event, add: Normal_Client.Locked

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    Yeah, I know how to use Vb Code, since I already hav the knowledge of Vb6 & Vb.Net 2003..

    The fact is that Microsoft Access gives '3 way' for writing events:

    Expression Builder, Macro, Vb Code.

    'Macro' and 'Vb Code' works well BUT I cannot seem to be using the Expression Builder at all.

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