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    Formulas of a mad man

    Hello, been a year or more since I have been on here, and so at best I am a bit rusty. but for a bit Ill be asking a bunch of potential insane questions.

    been digging around the company database and there are some alarming things going on that just don't make sense.

    anyway First up.

    I found this expression in a query so I'm posting it here

    if i understand correctly the forumla below is basicly saying

    sumOfTotal Required - Total cut w/overcut - overcut = Total Remaining to Cut

    TotalRemainingToCut: Sum([qryACMSheetsRequiredSum - Report].[SumOfTotal Required]-([qryACMSheetsRequiredSum - Report].[TotalCutWithOverCut]-[qryACMSheetsRequiredSum - Report].[Overcut]))

    just logicaly and as far as the math goes doing

    the total required - total cut without overcuts

    is the same thing as
    total required - total cut with overcuts - overcuts

    I know its a dumb question but there is just so much strange stuff going on in here I want to make sure there isnt something Im missing or reason someone would add the extra step to doing that equation


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    What is the 'extra' step? Don't know your data nor your industry. You should know better than us if that formula is sensible.
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    I would say your understanding of what the formula is doing is correct. As June7 said, only you can determine if it's the appropriate formula for the situation.
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