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    How do you have a tree structure output for an Access DB

    Looking for some help or something easy or already built. I found a database free online that will work for me to save technical manuals and other documents. What I would like is a front end that shows a tree structure that will allow a user to click on the structure and open up the files and read or download. The back end, which I can do is linking this to the main page that allows someone to create a technical articles or upload one. Anyone help out or know the best way? Thanks.

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    If I was brave enough to tackle the treeview control, I might search "treeview" at Access World Forums if I could wade through all of it. You might start here

    I regard MajP over there as somewhat of an Access guru so take from that what you will.
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    I advise AGAINST treeview. We've had problems with it since new PC's w office dont support it.

    Besides, it's much easier to use the SWITCHBOARD. Simply add the value to the table.

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