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    Inventory report for multiple locations

    This is probably pretty straight-forward coding, but I've not been able to figure it out! I have a query that creates a list of active inventory items with names and locations. Each item name may have one to several locations. I would like to print a list by item name that show what location(s) it is at. Example: item1: loc1, loc3, loc5 item2: loc8 item3: loc2, loc3 Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    Assuming your tables are correctly designed, look into using a crosstab query and group by item and location. If you designed your tables like spreadsheets then I think you'll have a harder time doing this. By spreadsheet design, I mean you'd have something like
    Item1 Location Item2 Location Item3 Location
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    Depending on your structure, this may be an option as well.
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