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    Cannot Update: Database or Object is read only

    Hi All,

    I have uploaded a database to sharepoint online, opened the front end which is located on a non-shared folder on my PC and i can add records to the database and all forms, reports, queries etc all work as previously worked and i can access all the old data which was in the tables uploaded to sharepoint. The issue i'm having is that when i try and amend data that I have added to the sharepoint list as soon as I hit save or try to move to the next record I receive an error message of "Cannot Update: Database or Object is read Only".

    I am the owner of the sharepoint and have full control, I have tried to find anything that says read only and made sure I can edit but still I get this error. If I go into Sharepoint directly I can edit the data, but just doesnt seem to work when using the Form in Access.

    Its driving me insane and I have been researching it for over a week to try and find a resolution

    can anyone help?

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    Fortunately I've never had to deal much with Sharepoint
    From what I know, M$ no longer seems to think that any sort of web based use of Access is the cat's meow. Here's one article that I found
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