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    Working on a bowling project. My table contains two columns of scores and multiple rows for each bowler. All bowlers do not bowl each time so one of their two scores may be zero. What I am attempting to do is create an average for each bowler Knowing that they all don't have the same number of games. In my query a can average but don't have the correct number of games.

    Bill 195 201
    Bill 214 179
    Bob 166 174
    Bob 155 177
    Bill 210

    Bill 0 228

    Might this take multiple queries to create such a report? Or maybe there is some magic that I am not aware of.

    Thanks for any help

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    Tell us more about the table and the data that it represents.
    Why two columns for scores and why multiple rows for each person.
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    Why two columns?
    Sounds like you should have a separate record for the second and a field to identify first or second.
    Then average is dead easy to calculate.
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    Personally I would have more fields.

    Bowler name
    Date bowled
    Game #
    Game Score

    Rows would be like

    Bill 6/8/2023 1 210
    Bill 6/8/2023 2 175
    John 6/8/2023 1 115
    John 6/8/2023 2 120

    Average would be easily calculated for any time period.

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