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    Email a query while selecting recipients from another query

    I have a query post_turn_wheeldiameters that is sent by using a macro and the command EMailDatabaseObject, entering the email addresses in the To box
    Ideally I would like to select recipients from a second query contacts_email_post_turn_dias2, where the field is email_post_turn_dias and the table is contacts_email_post_turn_diameters1. The field would have the value True.
    Is this possible, unfortunately I have little experience of VBA.
    Any help much appreciated, thanks

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    Pretty much anything is possible.
    If I understand you correctly, you need to obtain all the email addresses and concatenate them with a semi coln between them.
    Then use SendObject

    Macroes are quite limited IMO, so best start learning VBA.

    I would use your email query as a recordset and use the field in that query with the email addresses to concatenate those addresses, then use the string variable that holds those addresses in the SendObject command.
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