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    Strange R-n Time Error applying Form Filter to Subform

    I'm trying to filter a subform based on a checkbox on my main form. My main forms name is frmCrewInfo, and the subforms name is subCrewDocs. I'm trying to filter the subform by a field called IsActive which utilizes a checkbox (true/false) field on the form. I'm attempting to use the .Form.Filter property.

    Here is what I have written

    Private Sub chkShow_Click()
        If Me.chkShow = True Then
            Me.[subCrewDocs].Form.FilterOn = False
            Me.[subCrewDocs].Form.Filter = "IsActive = 'Yes'"
            Me.[subCrewDocs].Form.FilterOn = True
        End If
    End Sub

    I get the following:

    "Run Time Error '2645": Vessel Matrix can't find the field '|1' referred to in your expression.

    This seems very odd because i have not typed a vertical bar and a one anywhere in the procedure or module as the message states. I can't figure out what the heck is going on here. Very bizarre!

    Any thoughts?

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    If IsActive is a Yes/No field, it saves numeric data (0, -1) not text ('Yes', 'No'). Don't use 'Yes', use True or -1.

    = "IsActive = True"


    = "IsActive = -1"

    or simply

    = "IsActive"
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    Thank you for pointing out my oversight.

    I found the problem and it was a naming error between the subform control and the subform itself. I'm just getting back into this after a 15 year hiatus and have re-learn everything the hard way....namely by banging my head against the wall and finding my careless mistakes.

    Thanks again for the timely response.

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