I support a complex Access (Office 2016 - Windows 10) system and came across an issue which I could not find any clues on the Internet - so having sorted it for myself I thought I would share.
Actually nothing to do with Access.

The boss called me in despair, Chrome was constantly having to be restarted and it seemed to lose all its settings, so not just restart but reset things.
He claimed it happened when he was looking at his email (Outlook).

So I took over and did things slowly. What I discovered was that if an email had a pdf attachment and the attachment was opened - an Adobe Acrobat DC window opened to display the pdf.

If you tried to close the Adobe window (X top RH corner) then apparently nothing happened - so click again. Still nothing. Only way to close is was to right click the taskbar and close from there.

But when the Adobe window goes it becomes apparent that both Chrome and Outlook have disappeared!!!!

As I say - I can't find anything relevant. So my first "fix" was to update/repair Adobe - but this didn't work.
So I just uninstalled Adobe altogether (never liked it anyway) and installed an alternative (I picked Javelin - but there are others).

Hope this helps someone