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    Exclamation VBA - Filecopy during a loop

    I Find the file i want, but cannot copy it to another folder?

    Can anyone please help

    Regards crdfox
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    Please show the code within code tags using the # button.
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    As WGM suggests, you should post the code rather than a pdf or image. Just copy and paste and apply the code tags.

    Do While loop V 290423:---------------------------
    Dim Filename As String
    Dim parth As String
    Dim dymy As String
    Dim Dest As String
    Dest = "D:\Data\BBO\Test"
    parth = "D:\Data\BBO"
    Filename = Dir(parth)
    Do While Len(Filename) > 0
    dymy = Mid(Filename, 1, 4)
    If dymy = Format(Now(), "mmdd") Then
    MsgBox " This is the File " & dymy 
    'need file copy function here
    End If
    MsgBox [dymy]
    Filename = Dir
    End Sub
    If there is only one file and you know the name then use fso

    Sub CopyMyFile(SourceFile As String, Destination As String)
        Dim fso As Object
        Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        If fso.FileExists(SourceFile) Then
           ' fso.CopyFile SourceFile, Destination  'if you want to copy to new location
            fso.MoveFile SourceFile, Destination  'if you want to move to new location
          Msgbox "File Doesn't Exist"
        End If
        Set fso = Nothing
    End Sub
    In your loop you could use the Name()
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