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    Sharepoint Wizard resets Primary Keys but not related Records

    Hello all,

    We are trying to migrate an Access DB onto a new Sharepoint server. I used the Export Wizard to convert the existing tables into SP Lists, and it has been mostly succesful, but there's one significant problem:

    Sharepoint appears to reset the Primary Keys in all tables, so where - for instance - our Personnel table used to start at ID 3001 (because we had some test data which we subsequently deleted), it now starts at 1. This would be fine except it HAS NOT updated the related data in other tables, so a record relating to Person with ID 3001 should now relate to ID 1, but it doesn't. it relates to the NEW 3001 which is a completely unrelated Person. In essence, subordinate tables are now 'misaligned'.

    I'm going to have to start again from backup. What can I do to ensure the Wizard changes related ID's as well as Primary Keys?
    (Or easier still, can I tell Sharepoint not to change the PK's at all?)

    Thanks for your help,


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    As far as I can tell there's no way to tell Access/Sharepoint to leave the Primary Keys alone, I can only assume whoever programmed this had no idea what they were doing or why Primary keys are important, and should not be reduced to 1,2,3 just to sate your OCD

    Anyway With some patience I was able to restore the relationships manually - by identifying and comparing the records' newIDs to their oldIDs, then manually updating all related tables (I used Excel, but an Update Query would have worked too).

    This can also be avoided by resetting all Primary Keys yourself, before using the upload Wizard. Always take a backup, people

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    Appreciate you returning and posting your solution. I for one have very little experience with integrating Access with sp so while I wanted to post something I figured it would not be helpful. In recent past I've looked into using Access with sp and it seems that M$ no longer thinks it's the cat's meow, so to speak. Just another flavour of the month, like deprecating DAO and web based databases.
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