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    Organization of Data

    Dear all,
    I am trying to create a contact management database for a government ministry. My ministry has different divisions. My contact table has fields for full name, email, and designation and another table for divisions with a divref field to reference each division. How can I get my data to reside by each division as all my new entries are listed by auto number subsequently with uniqueness. Thanks

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    Your contact table needs a division field that holds, as a foreign key field, the autonumber pk field from divisions. That assumes that one person will only ever belong to one division at a time. If not, you need a junction table for divisions/contacts. Research normalization and junction tables if you're not aware.
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    I would recommend that you step back and make a rough diagram (30,000ft level) of all the things (entities/probable tables) that are involved. Also, you should create a list of conditions/business rules that apply to the "things" involved. You may also find the "stump the model" approach to be extremely helpful in adding details to your evolving model.

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