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    Thanks for all responses and code. I agree that the information in this area is quite obscure. I was looking at some code using VBIDE and thought there must be a way to do list modules and procs in "more standard" vba. In fact, after trying things that "looked" OK, and when they failed with a variety of errors, I knew I had seen code/article in the past that referred to this sort of thing. I did find code dated 2017 that is very similar to the AllProcs in Vlad's code in post #10. It had comments showing "from the internet possibly Brent Spalding".

    Anyway, I appreciate the info and the link. This thread may just help someone dealing with this "obscure" topic area.

    Thanks all.

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    Although this isn't the same topic that this thread started with, it may offer some insight into Containers and Documents discussed/discovered in the thread. After looking at the M$oft material on Container and Document, the attached is a sample of Containers and Documents in my test database. This is a modification of an example.

    ' ----------------------------------------------------------------
    ' Procedure Name: ContainerPropertyX
    ' Purpose: Display the Container names and the name of each
    '          Document in the Container's Documents Collection
    '          in the current database
    '  **Note: Not all Containers have documents
    ' Procedure Kind: Sub
    ' Procedure Access: Public
    ' Author: Jack /based on M$oft Example
    ' Date: 19-Mar-23
    ' ----------------------------------------------------------------
    Sub ContainerPropertyX()
              Dim dbs As Database
              Dim ctrLoop As Container
              Dim doc As Object
    10        Set dbs = CurrentDb
    20        Debug.Print "Containers and Documents in " & CurrentProject.Name & vbCrLf
    30        For Each ctrLoop In dbs.Containers
    40        Debug.Print "Container Name: " & ctrLoop.Name
    50            On Error Resume Next
    60            For Each doc In ctrLoop.Documents
    70                    Debug.Print ".... " & "DocumentName: " & doc.Name
    80            Next doc
    90        Next ctrLoop
    100       dbs.Close
    End Sub
    This is the output from the test database .

    Containers and Documents in NoComm2.accdb

    Container Name: DataAccessPages
    Container Name: Databases
    .... DocumentName: MSysDb
    .... DocumentName: SummaryInfo
    .... DocumentName: UserDefined
    Container Name: Forms
    Container Name: Modules
    .... DocumentName: basStripComments
    .... DocumentName: ModAjax
    .... DocumentName: ModAjax2
    .... DocumentName: ModAjax3
    .... DocumentName: ModDaveGri ..............<<I did create a module and try Dave's code
    .... DocumentName: ModFromMyOKDB
    .... DocumentName: ModMSoftContainerEtc
    .... DocumentName: ModuleTest
    .... DocumentName: ModVlad
    .... DocumentName: MYWorkONA97
    Container Name: Relationships
    .... DocumentName: MSysNavPaneGroupCategoriesMSysNavPaneGroups
    .... DocumentName: MSysNavPaneGroupsMSysNavPaneGroupToObjects
    Container Name: Reports
    Container Name: Scripts
    Container Name: SysRel
    Container Name: Tables
    .... DocumentName: MSysAccessStorage
    .... DocumentName: MSysACEs
    .... DocumentName: MSysComplexColumns
    .... DocumentName: MSysNameMap
    .... DocumentName: MSysNavPaneGroupCategories
    .... DocumentName: MSysNavPaneGroups
    .... DocumentName: MSysNavPaneGroupToObjects
    .... DocumentName: MSysNavPaneObjectIDs
    .... DocumentName: MSysObjects
    .... DocumentName: MSysQueries
    .... DocumentName: MSysRelationships
    .... DocumentName: MSysResources
    .... DocumentName: TemplateForUSysRegInfo
    Last edited by orange; 03-19-2023 at 10:19 AM. Reason: lost formatting, modified the debug.print

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    Thanks for responding. I created a module for your code and tested it with the test database. It compiles, but errors on Set mdl = Modules(strModuleName). 7961 --can't find the module...

    I added this in the ListOfProcs and a debug.print of strMsg and it worked.

     Dim strMsg As String
        DoCmd.OpenModule strModuleName ''''''''''''''''''added
        Set mdl = Modules(strModuleName)

    These are the results.

    Module line count basStripComments 201
    Procedures in the Module: basStripComments

    Module line count ModAjax 26
    Procedures in the Module: ModAjax

    Module line count ModAjax2 30
    Procedures in the Module: ModAjax2

    Module line count ModAjax3 30
    Procedures in the Module: ModAjax3

    Module line count ModDaveGri 68
    Procedures in the Module: ModDaveGri

    Module line count ModFromMyOKDB 159
    Procedures in the Module: ModFromMyOKDB

    Module line count ModMSoftContainerEtc 79
    Procedures in the Module: ModMSoftContainerEtc

    Module line count ModuleTest 15
    Procedures in the Module: ModuleTest

    Module line count ModVlad 27
    Procedures in the Module: ModVlad

    Module line count MYWorkONA97 208
    Procedures in the Module: MYWorkONA97

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    Who knows? On my machine with Access 2019, opening the module is not required. Life goes on....

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    I agree Dave. I'm running Access 365 Version 2302 - Build 16.0.16130.20306 64-bit Click to run

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