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    Query Criteria

    I am designing a query in an access database that is linked to a form and report. One of the fields in the query is "department". In my form there is a pull down menu (combo box) with about 20 departments. In my query, I am making the department field have a criteria so that when you run the query, it asks for which department. However, if you do not type the department name exactly as in the list, you do not get any matches. Is there any way when running a query with a criteria to have it ask for a field but show a pull down menu when it that you don't necessarily have to know exactly how something is spelled?

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    Dear Jena,

    You need a drop down list to appear when you run the report to let you select the department vaule ... right??

    I will assume the following names and when you apply you can rename accordingly ...

    Department values located in table "DEPARTMENT"
    Required report name "DATA"
    this report is based on query "QUERY"

    Use the following steps:
    Create a form in design view and insert text box
    Right click and convert the text box into bombo box
    Right click on the combo box and choose properties
    Choose data tab
    Row souce type ... Table/Query
    Row source ... "press the button right to the box (...)
    select DEPARTMENT table
    double click on department field
    close and save

    save and close the form "the form name is DEPARTMENT_FORM"
    open QUERY in design view
    in field department write the following in criteria:

    where text1 refers to the combo box in DEPARTMENT_FORM

    open DEPARTMENT_FORM in design view
    insert command button
    choose report operation
    preview report
    choose report "DATA"
    save and close

    open your main form or switch board and inset a command button in it
    choose form operation
    choose open form
    save and close

    now when we press the button in the main form ... the DEPARTMENT_FORM will open
    choose the required department from the drop down list and press the button ... the report will open with the selected values

    Please try and tell me the result



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