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    Count running Occurrence in one column

    Hello guys!

    I am a very beginner in access and i have stuck in something simple really simple in excel.

    I have a table with just one column and i need to count the running occurrence and to create a new column as below:

    IDs Desired outcome
    ID1000133R ID1000133R-1
    ID1000136R ID1000136R-1
    ID1000136R ID1000136R-2
    ID1000195R ID1000195R-1
    ID1000195R ID1000195R-2
    ID1000227R ID1000227R-1
    ID1000239R ID1000239R-1
    ID1000273R ID1000273R-1
    ID1000375R ID1000375R-1
    ID1000375R ID1000375R-2
    ID1000375R ID1000375R-3

    In excel i would get the Desired Outcome with this: A2&"-"&COUNTIF($A$2:A2,A2).

    I tried something like DCount("[IDs]","MyTable","IDs=" & [IDs]) but it didn't work. - Data Type is ShortText

    Any help would be just valuable!

    Thank you!

    Desired outcome

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    See if you can make post 2 here work for you
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    Requires a unique record identifier field. If not already in table, add an autonumber field as the RepPK field in the example. Use whatever name you want. Also review and
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