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    Delete SQL statement not working properly


    Another noob error from my part. I have a form that has a subform showing all the entries from tblContract. The sole function of this menu is to select and delete (with button OnClick() event) the records that are to be deleted.

    That being said, in my Event, I have followed the suggested SQL syntax, yet it gives me the run-time error 3078 "the microsoft jet database engine cannot find the input table or query '...(the query below)...'. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly." Here is the code:

    Private Sub Command21_Click()
    Dim varResponse As Variant
    MsgBox("Are you sure you want to delete?"vbYesNo"Selection")
    varResponse <> vbYes Then Exit Sub
    .Execute ("DETELE tblContract.* FROM tblContract WHERE tblContract.[pkContractID] =(" Me.frmContractConsult_Subform![pkContractID] & ")")
    End Sub 
    Could there be a common error I'm doing? The name of the table is effectively "tblContract" and the primary key is "pkContractID".

    Thanks in advance,

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    Did you check the spelling of the word "DELETE"?


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    CurrentDb.Execute ("DETELE tblContract.* FROM tblContract WHERE tblContract.

    Please change DETELE to DELETE

    edit: I was late.

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    Wow. Thanks guys. Would not have seen it myself. 1h down the drain for nada

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