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    Splash screen startup positioning

    Hi All,

    I'm sure this question has been asked to tears, but despite hours searching for an answer and finding none, I am forced to ask here.

    My environment has users with multiple monitors.

    I have setup my DB to be started from an icon. This icon starts the Db minimized. The Db is set to display the splash screen on load. The splash displays on monitor 1.

    On the splash timer, the splash closes and the main form maximised within the application itself and displays on the last monitor on which it was opened. (where ribbon and nav menu are hidden. (i.e Not a popup). This is by design.)

    My frustration is that the splash screen always opens on monitor 1 regardless of where the application eventually displays.

    How can I have the splash display on the same monitor as the application - which seemly has no screen parameters due to being opened minimized. I don't want to open default view becuase that flashes the application window before minimizing it again.

    I've tried Move and movesize, but these don't appear useful without the application present. Can anybody offer a working example where the splash screen opens wherever the application is supposed to open?

    Cheers and thanks in advance for solution.

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    Is the db being used by multiple users
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    Try dragging the form to the other screen?
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    Did you ask the same question a couple of weeks ago...possibly at another forum?
    I ask as I recently answered exactly the same question.

    Popup forms such as your splash form are independent of the application interface and will always open on whichever monitor they were last saved in design view.
    To change that, go to design view, drag to the preferred monitor and save.

    However, you could have the same situation in reverse another time if you then open Access on the opposite monitor.

    It would be possible to write code to do this but it could be more effort than its worth.

    You may find some useful code/ideas in my example app : Control Application Interface (
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