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    relationship for sub-table

    Hi all I am trying to create a database for my sister, who is doing B2B hemming. I am having issues figuring out how to get multiple services for a single item, the relationship keeps connecting the one-to-many in the wrong direction (see image) can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? The basics are, an order with the items (one to many), and the services for those items (many to one).
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    If you had 5 records in service, each and everyone of them can appear in the item record for one item. However, that would mean repeating all the fields 5 times for one item. You need what's known as a junction table instead of service table. I'd call it ItemServices. Sticking with the 5 services example, there would be 5 records with the same ItemID and 5 different servicetypeID. If the table has a PK autonumber id, I don't see it being joined to anything.

    Your pk fields should reflect the table they belong to, so itemTypeID (or itemTypeIDfk and itemTypeIDpk), not itemID as that implies it relates to the item table.
    ID makes for a poor table name IMO. Maybe clear today, but wait until you have to tweak things 6 months from now.
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