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    Unexpected Date results

    Good day,

    The results in a report from the date range entered on a form on one computer differs vastly from the report results on another computer for the exact same entries. Can this be explained and corrected?

    This is the date range entered on the form: EmployeeName='Jamal Rogers' AND RequestDate Between #30/11/2022 8:27:46 pm# AND #01/12/2022 8:27:46 pm#

    On one computer the results are for the period stated here but on the other computer it outputs data from Jan 2022 to Nov 30
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    It can be explained by Access interpreting the second date as Jan 12. More here:
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    Thanks for the link. It has provided useful information.

    However, my issue cannot be resolved there because I am in one location where the access dates have been working fine for years. However, now that I have just bought a new computer, directly from China, that computer is giving incorrect dates. So, I had to revert to the old computer. The problem seems to be with the settings in the new computer. Is there any setting that I can adjust here?

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    Check your regional settings.
    Regardless, Access always uses the mm/dd/yyyy format for dates.
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    Check the date settings in Windows.


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