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    Self-build Questionnaire design

    I would like to incorporate a self-build questionnaire if in by DB that works in a similar way as crating a Google form, rather than creating a hard coded questionnaire that needs that needs re-design every time the user thinks of a new question.

    So I am thinking of building:

    Tbl_Questionnaire containing ID, QuestionnaireName, Date Completed etc.
    Tbl_Questions containing ID, question, Question type, etc.
    Tbl_answers containing ID, users answers, etc.

    One to many relationship from questionnaire to questions

    Maybe (but not sure) one to one relationship from questions to answers

    What I am mainly unsure about is the question data type, it could be that a question requires a short text, long text, radio button, multi chose options, date, number etc. response. Obviously if I was hard coding the questionnaire, I would select the data type for each question but how would I build a DB that allows the user to create their own questionnaire then select a potentially different data type for each question without them accessing the design mode of Access?


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    Some answer types can be 'faked'. For example you can use a textbox as a checkbox or radio button (or even a smiley face), just a matter of choosing the right font. doubt you will need a long text for a questionaire - just limit responses to 255 char. Not sure about multiple choice, but can be handled with appropriate table design.

    Example of using textbox as checkbox or radio button here

    then use code to dictate the way a textbox appears based on question type

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    Any of those answer types could be stored in a short text field. Whether or not this would cause any issues I can't say. F'rinstance, if sorting, 1 comes before 11 but 2 comes after 11. Doing math would likely work on text that looks like numbers but not on text (alpha). Not sure what you mean by multiple choice/chose though. If that's choosing one option from a group, the chosen value could still be text data type. If issues arise, likely conversion functions would handle the problem.
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