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    getname() function

    When I was using Access 2000, I was able to configure a GETNAME() function (although I don't remember how I did it) so that I could print the name of a report on the report itself by placing a textbox on the report with a value of '=GETNAME()' on the report where I wanted the report name to appear. This was very helpful when I had several, similar-looking reports with minor variations. If I needed to modify the report, I could quickly and easily identify the exact report needing modification.

    I have not been able to figure out how to do that with Access 365. Is that still possible?

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    I would just use
    Private Sub Report_Load()
    Me.txtRptName = Me.Name
    End Sub
    In fact I would hardly show the actual report name, but the description, that I would store somewhere, in a table perhaps?
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    similar-looking reports with minor variations
    Probably should be one report then, with the variations dealt with at run time - probably via code. Then when you make a mod to the report design, you do it once, not multiple times.
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