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    Need help on VBA command to open the Export to Excel Spreadsheet prompt

    Hi All, This is an excellent place and I have learned so many things here. Unfortunately this is the first issue I have not been able to figure out. I have an access front end which was created on Access 365. Using VBA I have disabled all ribbons. The users only have access to forms and a report. The users need to export this report to an excel file. I have found many VBA scripts that allow export to excel file but you have to script out the filename and location in the local computer in advance. However my users are many and I cannot set a common filepath across all computers. The next best solution would be to give them some control over the exporting function. On Access 365 there is an "Export to excel spreadsheet button" in the External Data Ribbon which opens up an export window. Is there a way I can just I can just add a button to the report and script a "On Click" event to execute the script and open this very dialog box for the users? Your help is much appreciated. Let me know if you need any further details. All my users are using a Front End connected to a DB on the network. Thanks. Raf

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    Maybe you want:

    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdExportExcel
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    Using the FileDialog in conjunction with your many scripts would make it very easy to prompt each user for the file name and location, no need to have it preset as you state.

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    Not that I disagree with using file or folder dialog as proposed by Vlad, but out of curiosity I researched and found a couple of interesting things. One is that invoking ribbon commands in code seems to be called repurposing (that seems like another M$ misnomer) but it involves xml and vba. Another is this this forum

    In the 4th post there is a link which I thought might lead to an article, but it was a download for an add-in so do so at your own risk. The thread is interesting though. The point of it might be that while the file/folder dialogs may suffice here, they are of no help with other ribbon commands so the add in might be useful. I'm not going to try it simply because at this point I have no interest in exploring the subject further.
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    Thanks for all the response guys but June7 was on the dot.

    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdExportExcel opens exactly what I need.

    Sweet. Thanks.

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