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    First Time Access User (Need Help)

    I'm new to Access, I use it as a basic database but my job asked if i can solve a problem from a retired employee that created a Access Macro filled exe.

    I tired to fix it, but ended up creating a new one. The new one only works if a txt file is present on my C drive. I cant get it to work if those conditions are met.

    I'm thinking of creating a new Access exe which looks to see if that txt file is present, if that txt file exists, use ACCESS 1 if it doesnt, use ACCESS 2.

    How would i start? I'm using ACCESS 2019.

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    When you say Macro, are you talking about Access macro or just VBA?
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    Can you tell us in plain English -minimum database jargon - what the database is about. If you give readers a general overview and then zero in on the specific issue, you may get more focused responses.
    It would also be helpful if you could copy some of the source code and paste it into the body of your post.
    Remember we know nothing of you, your environment, the current issue.....

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    Access Macro

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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