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    Post Serial (COM) Ports in Access VBA

    Hello All,

    I've uploaded a new set of VBA functions for anyone still interested in using Serial COM Ports with Access.

    Serialcomms/Serial-Ports-in-VBA-new-for-2022: Using Serial COM Ports in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) (

    Functions are generic for Excel, Access & Word , also cross-posted to Excel forums Serial COM Ports in Excel VBA - Microsoft Tech Community

    Please let us know if they work for you thanks.


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    Thanks a lot, that's fine.
    You just have to change the max of com number (actually at 2)
    Best regards

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    Ah, where were you back in the 80's, when we only had COM and LPT ports? As they say, "The beauty of the RS-232 'Standard' is the abundance of options!"
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    Dear Davegri

    Try to transfert critical information by wifi in an operating room during electro surgery ... With "Com" and Lora it's ok !

    Old yes, but still alive, just like Access ;-)

    Best regards

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