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    Access Export to Excel

    I am transferring a query from access to excel (DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet) in access vba and within the code I am formatting the spreadsheet once it is created. However, I would like to be able to put two exports, which are two queries each to a single workbook, into the same workbook. When I try to use the move method within the access vba code, it is not working. Any ideas?

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    Here's one idea - show your code (and please use code tags - # button on posting toolbar). Or maybe you already knew that.
    Impossible to suggest anything specific as there could be several reasons. Might help to know what the count is in your recordset as well.
    You could also consider automation as an approach:
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    You could use CopyFromRecordset ?
    I presume you mean the sane worksheet?
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    If the Column data types and field names are the same you could union the 2 queries into one, but that might not suit your desired output or layout.

    If not automation is the only way to go.
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    Where is this generated Excel workbook used? I ask this, because only sane reason to save it through code is when it will be sent to another location (non in same LAN) and opened there!

    In case it will be used in same LAN, much better way is to create a saved query in your Access BE, and create an Excel workbook, which reads this query in (e.g. when opened).

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