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    Cross reference ??

    Hi I could not find an answer for this so sorry if it has already been answered.

    I want to have a database that relates persons to projects BUT both so that I can see what project a person is on as well as see what persons is on a project.

    What solutions do guys and girls propose for this ?

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    If a person can be on only one project, then have a field in Persons table for project ID.

    If you want to maintain history of project assignments, that would be a many-to-many relationship and requires at least 3 tables.
    Table of projects.
    Table of persons.
    Table that relates projects and persons.
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    Yes it is a Many many situation and I will have a look thanks

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    For example of Many-to-Many table and form implementation see this:

    Many-To-Many, two ways to update Junction table, includes Not In List handling (

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    You might get an idea of what you need if you look for "ms access project database template".
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    As June suggested:
    3 tables with these relationships


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