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    Filtering by DateTime field in VBA and SQL

    G'day, I am looking to upsize an Access app moving the backend to SQL Server. I am having issues with two areas at the moment.

    I want an SQL query that displays records created today, I have been using this with the Access backend:

    SELECT tblAudit_Trail.AuditTrailID, tblAudit_Trail.DateTime, tblAudit_Trail.UserID, qryStaff.[Full Name], tblAudit_Trail.FormName, tblAudit_Trail.Stream, tblAudit_Trail.ParentRecord, tblAudit_Trail.RecordID, tblAudit_Trail.FieldName, tblAudit_Trail.OldValue, tblAudit_Trail.NewValue, tblAudit_Trail.ActionTakenFROM tblAudit_Trail LEFT JOIN qryStaff ON tblAudit_Trail.UserID = qryStaff.ID
    WHERE (((tblAudit_Trail.DateTime)>"Date()-1"))
    ORDER BY tblAudit_Trail.DateTime DESC;
    But I get and "Internal Error" if I try to use the Date() function.

    In addition, I have a search function that uses the following:
    strWhere = "[DateTime] BETWEEN #" & Format(.txtFromDate.Value - 1, "mm/dd/yyyy") & "# And #" & Format(.txtToDate.Value + 1, "mm/dd/yyyy") & "#"
    This returns an error of "Search Key was not found in any records". I can't find anything to provide guidance on how to fix these issues.

    The SQL does work if I hard code dates in and the SQL Server data types are datetime.


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    You would not have quotes around the date() -1 ?

    Debug.Print strWhere
    You are not showing all the code, so I hope that is within a With Me block?
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    Thanks for responding Welshgasman.

    Removing the quotes around the date() -1 I get a type mismatch error.

    With the Where statement, I apply that as a filter to a recordset.

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    What SQL driver are you using? Open the linked SQL table in design view in Access and confirm that the data type shows as Date\Time.

    Vlad Cucinschi
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    Assuming your date time field contains times then Date()-1 will give you yesterdays records as well

    are you running this as an access query or a pass through query? If the latter then date() won’t be recognised. Check out the sql server getdate function

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    if it is a pass-through query executed on SQL server the WHERE clause :

    Where Mydate >= dateadd(day, -1 ,cast(getdate() as date) )

    gives all records from yesterday and today

    Where MyDate >= cast(getdate() as date)

    gives all records entered today
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