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    Quote Originally Posted by Gicu View Post
    Is that good or bad ?
    Can't see it being bad?, can you.
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    Hey guys,
    Wow! Thank you folks, all of you! Plenty of food for thought there - yes I had wondered about time-stamping the entries and even setting up a history trail, but I'm going to investigate the RecordSetClone as much out of curiosity as anything else - I'd not encountered it before. I've also had a look at Allen Browne's solution - yes, Vlad's is similar - great minds and all that - I shall play when I next get the chance. (Retirement takes up a lot of time!)

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    my method simply positions the form at the last used record.
    Vlad, maybe I'm not understanding completely what you suggested. Based on that quote it appears to me that if I navigate to a record, the serial gets updated. Then I close the form and reopen and your suggestion will take me back to that record. However, since I didn't edit it, it's not the record I created or edited last. That's why I said you need a time stamp for new or edited records because OP said
    I would prefer the form to open on the last record I was working on.
    I take that and
    Once I have completed an update,
    to mean that just looking at the current record doesn't count. I suppose you could only write the serial when the form is dirty (which still doesn't guarantee that anything was changed) but I'd say that's the same as what I said. It's just a different stamp value?
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    Micron, yes I agree with your scenario and having a timestamp is such an easy thing to implement (we even have data macros now), my thinking is (was) that you would want to return to the last record to "viewed" not necessary the one you just completed (because if you have validations going on you shouldn't be able to leave it half done anyway).
    I guess just different ways of interpreting Steve's post...

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