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    hi, i have this query

    SELECT OcfDettaglio.ID, OcfDettaglio.Nome, OcfDettaglio.Cognome, OcfDettaglio.Data_nascita, OcfDettaglio.DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO, OcfDettaglio.data_inizio, OcfDettaglio.Data_fine, [last bank] AS Espr1FROM OcfDettaglio
    WHERE (((OcfDettaglio.DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO) Like "*chebanca*") AND ((OcfDettaglio.data_inizio) Is Not Null))
    ORDER BY OcfDettaglio.ID;
    as you see, i want all records with "data_inizio" not null (it is a start date) and "DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO" Like chebanca; this gives me all the people that left their precedent bank and went to chebanca.
    i want the name of the precedent bank and the end date, the structure of the data is that

    "nome","DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO","start_d ate","end_date"

    BILL CARSON, CHEBANCA, 14-1-2022,

    With this query i get just the second row, i want to add a field called maybe "last bank" that gives me "peppapig bank".

    consider that there are sometime more than two rows per person, so i should take just the last bank before "chebanca"

    i think i need a subquery, but i'm not an expert of that

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    or maybe a dlookup?

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    Create a totals query grouped by Person (Last, First,DOB) and get Max(data_inizio) and Where [DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO] Not Like "*chebanca*". Now create a new query sorted descending by data_inizio and join it to the first one on the name and DOB fields and data_inizio to MaxOfdata_inizio. This one would give you the PREVIOUS_BANK which you can now retrieve by joining it into your original query. You can also use a subquery with a TOP 1 clause but I think this is clearer and easier to follow.

    Vlad Cucinschi
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    sorry, i can't do that. Consider in first that the "id" field is not unique (i'll add a one later) and it a unique code for the person, so i can join the two query by that
    i show the queries
    SELECT OcfDettaglio.ID, OcfDettaglio.Nome, OcfDettaglio.Cognome, Max(OcfDettaglio.data_inizio) AS MaxDidata_inizio, Last(OcfDettaglio.DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO) AS UltimoDiDENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATOFROM OcfDettaglio
    GROUP BY OcfDettaglio.ID, OcfDettaglio.Nome, OcfDettaglio.Cognome
    HAVING (((Last(OcfDettaglio.DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO)) Not Like "*chebanca*"));
    query 2

    SELECT OcfDettaglio.ID, OcfDettaglio.DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO, OcfDettaglio.data_inizio, OcfDettaglio.DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATOFROM qryUltimaBanca INNER JOIN OcfDettaglio ON (qryUltimaBanca.MaxDidata_inizio = OcfDettaglio.data_inizio) AND (qryUltimaBanca.UltimoDiDENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO = OcfDettaglio.DENOMINAZIONE_SOGGETTO_ABILITATO) AND (qryUltimaBanca.ID = OcfDettaglio.ID)
    ORDER BY OcfDettaglio.data_inizio DESC;

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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