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    Export Data in Spreadsheet Form

    I asked this question on another post but realized it was completely different than the question I originally asked. I have been using Excel for our budget templates, which takes a lot of prep and rework (the managers tend to type over our formulas, etc.). I am trying to see if I can utilize Access going forward. I can see how the data can be entered into Access but we will need to export it into a format that we can use to upload into our financial system. I have attached a sample database file and an Excel file that has a Maintenance Agreements tab, so you can see how we have been doing it (this is one tab of a multiple tab file), and an Upload tab, which shows the format of the data we will need to export. I thought a query or report would be the best option but not sure how to do that without "committing spreadsheet". Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
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    access can export the data in the basic table layout, but afterwards you will need vba programming
    to do the color formatting and and subtotals.

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    ranman256, thank you for your reply. I am not trying to export in the Maintenance Agreements tab format. I am trying to export in the Upload format. I don't know how to create a query or report to take the data entered in Access for Maintenance Agreements and get it in the Upload format to export.

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