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    I'd post the DB, but it's in a constant state of flux.
    Yes, every database is in a constant state if flux - a database is never finished.
    There is something to be added. changed or "Wouldn't it be nice to have ...."? (first hand experience)

    But is is easier than playing 80 questions. We can see where you are at in the development. for instance, in Post #11, you have a field POnumber in the Customers table and you have one field for CustomerName. Why is there only 1 field for the customer name? Are all of the customers businesses? No individual people?

    Speaking of the customers table, a table hold attributes about one thing - customers. The customer name is an attribute, the address is a customer attribute, but a POnumber???
    For you, your attributes include your first name, last name, address, phone number, eye color, hair color, age, height, weight, POnumber...??? Whaaaat??

    So after 11 posts, we still don't know what the dB is for. Would you describe "A day in the life of the dB"? Describe the process from start to end like I am a 10 year old.
    Referring to Post#11, what is "ShipmentsRecieved" table for? What is the "Incoming" table for?

    The main reason I set up relationships is because I set RI.

    But I've got to figure out how I can be on one form, let's say the 1st, fill out the data within it, save it to populate a primary key, and have the value of You that primary key go into the foreign key of the subsequent table (as I click the command button to create a new record in the subsequent form.
    Usually, (there are other ways - code) to add the PK field value to the FK field in a related table, you use a main form/sub form arraignment ans set the master/child links.

    It would still be nice to see your dB.......
    "Veni, Vidi, Velcro"
    (I came; I saw; I stuck around.)

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    Normal practice is to have a Main form with related Subforms.
    If you have set up your Relationships correctly then the PK in the Main Form
    will autopopulate, and the Related Foreign Key in the Subform would also autopopulate.

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