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    Open Form with instance method & wait to close?

    I am creating forms instances in code, using.

    Set frm = New Form_frmBase (
    frm.Visible = True
    Now frm is visible but code continues run.

    The DoCmd.OpenForm xxx,,,,,acDialog pause execution of code but dot works this form instances.

    When I use below "while wend" loop seems to use up a lot of processor time - the task manager shows access as using 99% of processor time.
    Set frm = New Form_frmDialog
    frm.Visible = True
    While frm.Visible

    Who to make a solution to combine "acDialog" & instances without using 99% of processor time;

    Any idea for this;

    Many thanks
    George Bakoyannis

    from Greece

    I work with MS ACCESS 2000

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    wait for your answer here:

    that forum has more exposure than this one.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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