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    Limit the SharePoint list records I link to


    I have an Access front end that I distribute to users, linked to SharePoint lists. As the lists are growing longer the database is slowing down. Can you think of any way of limiting the number of records that the front end links to?

    Here's a much simplified version of my situation:
    Say I have related SharePoint lists Users and Sessions, where each Session has a unique User with a Lookup field linked to the Users list.
    I have about 60 users and 5000 sessions so far. The Sessions table has about 20 fields.
    Each user has a copy of the front end, they are mostly working at home, not all have good computers or internet connections. Many keep their client files on Windows Virtual Desktop, which is being really slow at the moment.
    Their clients have tables which are linked to the SharePoint lists. Every time the links are refreshed they get ALL the sessions on their linked table. But they don't need that—each client is restricted to that user only, so each user only ever sees their own sessions.

    Is there some way of only linking the tables in the front end to just the relevant SharePoint records? I'll be very very grateful for any ideas or tips.

    (As I said, this is a simplified version, in fact there are many lists/tables, queries, forms, etc., but only a few of the lists have records numbering in the thousands).

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    I'm still desperate for an answer to this.

    I can create SharePoint views that meet my needs perfectly, e.g. I can filter a list by current user and records modified in the last 6 months. Could I create an Access table linked to that view?

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    Have a look at this link, it shows how to link a SharePoint view using VBA:

    Vlad Cucinschi
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