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    Thanks for the help

    Hello all,

    I wanted to send a thank you for everyone that has helped me out over the past month and a half. I was put in a position where the company I was working for was bought out and the new owner didn't want to spend money to purchase the database system that had been used. Instead, they wanted me to create something to handle the commissions for salespeople. Someone else had been conscripted to handle other functions, quick books to handle the rest. Completely ill-advised tactic, but not my problem. Anyhow, I've asked a lot of questions one here because sometimes I have a hard time (directly) finding the answers to access questions via search methods. Thanks to the people on here I have a database that is fairly well automated and scaleable. Couldn't have done it without help from this forum, so thank you.

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    sometimes I have a hard time (directly) finding the answers to access questions via search methods.
    I have found that often it seems people don't have a clue what it is they need to know about so it's hard, if not impossible, to come up with the right keywords. Sometimes asking as if you were talking to a person will get you somewhere - if not links to the answers, it often reveals terminology that you can use to narrow the results. Then there is the minus keyword (e.g. -Excel, because you don't want those results). Maybe you're a very savvy searcher, I don't know but hopefully that can help.

    Lastly, quite nice to see a post like this, and I hope I was able to help somewhere along the line. If not, maybe next time.
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