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    Exclamation System down after update with a problem related to the exclusive mode

    Hi all!

    I have a database installed in a hospital, and after one update this 10th juanuary related to the office, one critical problem has arised: All connections are performed in an exclusive mode, emerging 2 problems:
    - Frontends cannot connect with the backend at the same time.
    - We have Crystal Reports connected for the generation of dynamic reporting, and since crystal try to open the backend as well, it cannot do it and reports cannot be generated.

    The structure and features of our system:
    - We have installed the runtime for Office 2016 32bits at the hospital in all the machines. (accessruntime_4288-1001_x86_es-es)
    ------- Note: We are maintaining the 32 version due to compatibility issues related to the connection with crystal reports.
    - We also have installed the access database engine to establish connection with the backend from one .net application: accessdatabaseengine.exe (32 bits)
    - We have 4 computers with the frontend, and the backend in an internal network drive.

    - Both, the backend and the frontends are compiled (accde)

    The errors, are similar like this: "It couldn't connect... the file is already in use".

    We don't understand how this exclusive mode has been activated after this update, and we would like to know if there is some way to force the backend to be accessed in a concurrent/shared mode.
    Doctors are having a critical issue at this time, so I really appreciate any help.

    Note: These installation has been sucessfully working for over 2 years until this moment.


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    We have had to uninstall some office updates.
    this fixed the problem.

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    We cannot uninstall any update.
    This update comes from a different organization unit (even from a different location), and they apply the security rules they considere.
    It's quite difficult getting access to them.

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    This is almost certainly a Microsoft introduced bug - see this thread
    and here for solutions
    DLookup Syntax and others
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