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    Combo Box doesn't see fields on source form

    I am new to access and self teaching.

    Trying to create a form on which I want to add a field for "Employee". I have a separate table called "Employees". When I use the combo tool (Table design view) and select "I want the combo box to get the values from another table or query", I then select the Employees table and it only shows ID and LOCATION as selectable fields.

    On the table, I actually have:
    Employee Last Name
    Employee First Name

    Why cant I see Employee First and Last name as selectable field?

    Thanks for the education!

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    you're creating a lookup field in a table? - don't!
    The evils of lookup fields -
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    Further to micron's advice, do NOT use names that have embedded spaces --they will come to haunt you.

    Employee Last Name ===> EmployeeLastName
    or ===============>Employee_Last_Name

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