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    Variable in SQL statement

    SELECT TOP 5 PERCENT DonorT.DonorFirstName, DonorT.DonorLastName, Rnd([DonorID]*Now()) AS X
    FROM DonorT

    ORDER BY Rnd([DonorID]*Now()) DESC;

    Is it possible to use a variable to set the Top return value in an SQL statement? Basically, I need to have that value be based on a value from a combo box in the form

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    You would have to build the SQL in a string then update the query definition, so something like
    (Air code untested!)
    Sub Test()
        Dim strSql As String
        Dim qDef As QueryDef
        strSql = "SELECT TOP " & Me.YouComboControlName & " PERCENT DonorT.DonorFirstName, DonorT.DonorLastName, Rnd([DonorID]*Now()) AS X "
        strSql = strSql & " FROM DonorT "
        strSql = strSql & " ORDER BY Rnd([DonorID]*Now()) DESC; "
        Set qDef = CurrentDb.QueryDefs("YourQueryName")
        qDef.SQL = strSql
        SET qDef = Nothing
        DoCmd.OpenQuery "YourQueryName"
    End Sub
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    this will ask for the Top N, then save it to the query. replace the const:
    kQRY = "qsTopVals"
    with your query. The query must already exist, it wont create it, only modify.
    and change the SQL to your sql.

    Public Sub SetTopNqry()
    Dim vVal
    Dim qdf As QueryDef
    Const kQRY = "qsTopVals"
    vVal = InputBox("get top#", " Enter top value")
    Set qdf = CurrentDb.QueryDefs(kQRY)
    qdf.SQL = "SELECT TOP " & vVal & " tClients.* FROM tClients;"
      'open the query or report here!
    DoCmd.OpenQuery kQRY
    Set qdf = Nothing
    End Sub

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    Thank you Minty! That worked

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