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    Report with data from 2 queries

    So this might belong in the queries section, as the answer may be, how to create a single query with all this information.

    and it would take a small novel to explain why the data is setup this way but just accept that it has to be the way it is.

    one query pulls data from a table about past due fees, and fines for each chapter in our organization.

    another query pulls data from a different table about loans that any chapter has taken out from the organization.

    how can I get all of this data on a single report.

    the pictures below should help explain better what I am trying to do.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture2.PNG 
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    Thanks for any help

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    Can you post a copy of the data base with only a few related records from each of your tables?
    Might be easier to get focused responses if readers had more context.

    First thought is perhaps Union query???

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    I usu make a 'report' table,
    Q1 appends the fees to the table
    Q2 appends the loans to the table,
    Q3 sums the report tbl for output

    1 query to join clients qry & loans qry & fees qry for the report.

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    Why not simply create a new query from the two totals (PastDue and Loans) with a left outer join between the ChapeterName fields (arrow pointing towards LoansTotals).? An alternative would be adding a calculated field in the first query qry_AllChptPastDue using a dLookup on the second: Total_Loanlookup("[SumOfTransAmount]","qry_AllLoansTotals","[ChapterName]='" & [ChapterName] & "'").

    To add this value to the report you would probably need to add a grouping on the ChapterName field and add the Total_Loans in either the footer or header.

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