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    Combo Box and Mailing labels

    All I want is to print street addresses.

    I have all the data in one query called "Mailing Labels"
    with the field names:


    When I create labels in access (with the button in the "Create" tab, the Control Source for each row if the label is:

    =Trim([studentfirst] & " " & [studentlast])
    =Trim([studentlist.townneeded.Value] & ", NJ " & [Zip])

    It returns:

    John Doe
    123 Any Street
    4, NJ 08888

    Sooooo, "4" in the above output is the [cityID] primary key number if the [locations] table. In the table [studentlist] has a combo box for the field [townneeded] SO that is [studentlist.townneeded.Value] I want it to print "Bridgewater" so the USPS can deliver it. On the datasheet view of the query the names of the towns are there, but when I go through the wizard to make labels I get the number, not the town. Help?

    I know I can export the query as an excel file and mail merge from there to make labels, but I'm trying to teach myself about databases instead of using Excel all the time


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    Sounds like you have table lookup for that field?
    If so make a query to get the data you want, and also remove the table lookups. They are not recommended.
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    dont use .VALUE.
    if its a combo box beware of the BOUND COL.
    if bound col = 1 and your field is [ID] is in col 1 then you will get 4.
    you may want a different column cboBox.Column(2) to get the city. NOTE in vb code columns begin with zero, so cboBox.column(1) is actually column 2.

    I cycle thru a combo (or listbox) to load the screen using the combo ID, then print/email using field on the form since the combo box loaded them.
    when I choose combo item, it filters my record on the ID

    sub cboBox_Afterupdate()
      me.filter = "[id]=" & me.cboBox
      me.filterOn = true
    end sub

    now my fields are: txtName, txtAddr, txtCity...etc

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