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    Need Guidance on Best Practice


    In a subform, using the expression builder I want to fill a Currency field with a calculated value from a General Number field in a table (=[field]*.56), but the Property page sheet Events do not run the code. Are there rules around data types, or "where" this needs the be done, to work? I'm stymied here. Thanks for the help!

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    You can set the field property (=txtBoxName * .56)
    be sure to use CONTROL NAME and not field names. (tho they can have the same name)
    and the textbox is on the same form (or subform). otherwise you need a longer path.

    but beware nulls will give bad results , so :
    =Nz(txtBoxName,0) * .56

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    Thank you for the reply. I tried your idea, no change. Hopefully my screen shot tells the story. Click image for larger version. 

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    What do you mean by "fill a Currency field"? You want to save a calculated value into table field? Why? That requires code (macro or VBA).
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    looks like your are trying to apply lowcode/nocode principles to access

    you just need to put =nz(....

    in the controlsource, not the event.

    as this is a calculated value, it should not be stored.

    But I would also say the 0.56 needs to be in a table somewhere since it could change in the future. Changing the formula down the line means all values would change, past and future.

    alternatively, do your calculation in the form recordsource - Amount: nz(mileage,0)* 0.56

    And if you do want to store the actual amount, you would use the mileage after update event

    Private Sub mileage_afterUpdate()
    end sub
    but the point about the 0.56 remains, if it changes, you need to modify your code. You need a table of mileage rates with an effective from date


    then use a dlookup or similar to find the rate applicable for a particular date

    Would also advise don't have spaces in table and field names and don't use reserved words (Description in your example). Also give ID's relevant names - down the line Access will be asking which ID you mean - use something like ExpenseID or better ExpensePK (which also tells you it is the primary key, use ExpenseFK for the foreign name in another table)

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    Thanks Ajax, this was very helpful and good advice.

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