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    mismatch error

    I have a query as below. Both SOLSONO and SOLLINE in each table are data type number, but I get the data mismatch error.

    This is the SQL from the query.

    SELECT tblPrintedJobsheets.SOLSONO, tblPrintedJobsheets.SOLLINE, tblPrintedJobsheets.SOHCREF, tblPrintedJobsheets.SOLCUSC, tblPrintedJobsheets.SOLBAL, tblPrintedJobsheets.SOLDATO, tblPrintedJobsheets.PTM1CD, tblPrintedJobsheets.JOBPRINTEDFROM tblPrintedJobsheets, tblSalesOrderRptNo
    WHERE (((tblPrintedJobsheets.SOLSONO)=[tblSalesOrderRptNo].[SOLSONO]) AND ((tblPrintedJobsheets.SOLLINE)=[tblSalesOrderRptNo].[SOLLINE]));


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    are they both the same type of number? long/integer/double etc?

    Why not just join the two tables on the two fields?

    But looks like your error is referring to a different object, not this query

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    Can you upload your database?

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    An observation from your graphic ---Every table should have a primary key. I agree with ajax's questions.
    Readers need to see the table designs and a description of what you are trying to do.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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