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    Procedure declaration does not match description of event or procedure

    I am getting this error when I attempt to opening a report in print preview:

    The expression On Open ...............Procedure declaration does not match ...
    This is the code I run when I run the report.

    Public Sub NewAge()
    CurrentAge = Null
    BirthDate = Nz(DLookup("BirthDate", "DogT", "DogID=" & DogID), 0)
    If IsNull(BirthDate) Then Exit Sub
    CurrentAge = HowLong(BirthDate, True, "ym", False, False)
    End Sub

    Private Sub Report_Open()
    End Sub

    I use this same procedure in a form without an issue. I've also done a Debug Compile.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Why test birthdate for null when your setting it to 0 if null in the line before?
    Not sure what effect 0 would have on your HowLong function.

    Have you tried other events like onload?
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    currentAge and BirthDate don't appear to have been declared (unless these are controls on your report) - I also suspect you don't have Option Explicit at the top of your module which would enable you to see these things before you run your code

    you are also calling the function HowLong, but it doesn't appear to exist in what you have provided

    And it is referencing DogID (again might be a variable, might be a control). If it is a control, it's value will not be available until the report Load or current event, So try moving your code to one of these events.

    Agree with Moke - your Birthdate will never be null because of the prior use of the nz function so you will never exit sub at that point

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