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    Trusted location "Choose another location or specific folder"

    I have just installed a DB for a small business; It is split with the back-end tables sitting on a virtual server (accessed via a VPN) and the front end on the client PC/laptop. When ever they log in they get the Access warning “Macros could be harmful to your computer” I have tried to add the virtual drive to Microsoft Office Trusted Locations list but keep getting “ The path you have entered cannot be used as a Trusted Location for security reasons. Choose another location or specific folder.” Any ideas how to get round this or another what to stop the macro warning? Thanks

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    Try adding the folder not the whole drive as a trusted location, or (and I don't normally recommend this) map the folder as a drive on the client machine.
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    I would also check that the folder where the front end is located is also trusted.

    Not sure about virtual drives but in order to trust a folder on a network the 'allow trusted locations on my network' also needs to be ticked

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