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    Converting Ms Access To PHP/SQL Server

    Well 18 months ago I started using MS Access for the first time. and with a lot of hard work and an immense amount of help from everyone here I built a decent database for the non profit I help run.
    but unfortunately it has outgrown Access, or more accurately, should never have been built in Access (no local, or central server, and heavy on MAC users)

    so I now need to start the process of turning this thing into a web type application and from the very little I know, I think that I understand the way to do that is through PHP.
    but I am again starting at ground zero, and hoping someone might give me a good jumping off point, and maybe even a general path to follow. I have zero experience with HTML or PHP (but I understand the different concepts of the two) and have never actually learned an entire programing language. just snippets of different things, mostly vba, enough to get some things done.

    i would like to know How much HTML I will need to learn, and should I conquer HTML before even looking at PHP?
    or do I learn PHP first and then add HTML on top. or do they need to be leaned in tandem.

    what is a good starting point for PHP for a complete beginner, recommended books, websites, tutorials.

    I am just trying to find a way to get my first foothold.

    any advise or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    and a sincere thank you to all the wonderful people here who take the time to help.

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    With zero knowledge of PHP, I would start with youtube tutorials. I have found that a good resource to get started with almost any issue. From data analysis to repairing microwave and removing console from a 2005 Pontiac.....

    Try youtube "intro to php programming" as a base and go from there.

    You are in an interesting position. You know the business and processes/workflows etc. You built a database to support same. You have designed/built the logic involved.
    Good luck.

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    it will be a long journey but good luck.

    You may already have considered the following, if so, then please ignore

    Have you considered using terminal server or citrix? access apps will run on any device that supports remote desktop (which includes macs) - the app you use to connect to the server. Can also be run from anywhere that has an internet connection. And performance wise pretty much the same as having the back end on your local drive. Moving access to TS should be as simply as copying to the server and relinking front ends to back end

    It comes at a cost of course but probably not much different for 10-12 users than web hosting and all the paraphernalia required to run a web hosted back end (a rough guess on my part)

    The other thing to look at is online database application generators. Suggest review those as well. A couple of links

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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