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    combining tables that have no direct connection field

    I am a newbie and have hit the wall.

    Book1 table - fields id, Author, isdn, copyright, title....

    Availability table - fields sp_id, isdn10, list, new, used, ....

    isdn in Book1 table is a 13 character field, that needs to be MID to 9

    idsn10 in availability table is a 10 character field, that needs to be Right, 9

    The calculated 9 character field should match up but I have no idea how to make it happen. Help!

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    Build one query from each table (include the respective calculated fields in the queries), then join the first two queries, on the calculated fields, in a third query.


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    Can you add fields to the tables? If so then add one field to each table with the MID and RIGHT specs you stated. Then create the relationship with these new fields. If you can't modify the tables then create queries or each table that adds the field with the specs you need and you can join them in a third query.

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    Actually, Access can join on simple calculated field:

    tableA inner join tableB on mid(tableA.ISDN,1,)=right(tableB.ISDN10,9)

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