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    Progress Display

    Hello everyone,

    I have inherited a massive amount of Access DBs in my new job and I am looking for help with some code or to see if this is even possible (google has failed me).

    What I want to do is add a progress box to a form opening to see exactly what query (of the many) it is working on. I have multitudes of forms that take forever to load I would like to see what queries are killing the load so that I can better understand how to fix them.

    Is this some thing anyone has ever done or seen?

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    I once updated a label caption on a small form and increased a progress bar at each stage (divided the length by the number of queries and incremented accordingly). The caption displayed the phase being executed but I didn't have a timer on it. One thing that such a form needs is a pause routine (about 1 second) to repaint this form, otherwise the next query takes over and windows (forms) in the app don't have time to repaint. Before each query was executed in code, the form label and bar was updated. If all you really need is length of time to execute each query, you could get the system time before and after each and write that to a log file (simple text file).

    Something here wrt speed of execution might help
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    used to use the statusbar to advise users where we were in the stage of things
    Importing Excel file .....
    Verifying File ....
    Importing verfied to database ....
    Calculating new values....

    That sort of thing?

    SetStatusBar ("Adding Payroll records ....")
    Public Function SetStatusBar(strStatus As String)
    Dim VarReturn As Variant
    VarReturn = SysCmd(acSysCmdSetStatus, strStatus)
    End Function
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    My technique is to put something like

    debug.print "formname", "eventname", now()

    in each of the form and any subforms open, load and current events (whether they have any code or not). Data gets loaded in the load event and subforms get opened before the main form - and the current event can be called many times - for example a main form with 2 subforms will execute the open, load and current events for the first subform and repeat the current event twice more, once when the second subform opens and again when the main form opens. Not sure but I think listboxes and combos are populated in the open event

    If you want to create a general function you can use something this

    Function WhatWhen(fName as string, eName as string)
    static pTime as date
    dim t as date
        if isnull(pTime) then 'this is the first call so set the prior time 
           debug.print "Initial event starting with ", fName, eName
           debug.print fName, eName, t, t-pTime
        end if
    End Function
    call this event once at the beginning of any code in the event you believe is the first to execute and again at the end then just at the end for all other events

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    As well as my various speed comparison tests mentioned in post #2 (for example: Optimise Queries), I also have a progress bar example app which you could adapt for the purpose. See Progress Bar - Mendip Data Systems

    I use this the accompanying text to indicate the current action being performed e.g. when running several queries in succession using code or when relinking tables:

    Click image for larger version. 

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