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    Report is not using the data from a query

    I have Windows 10, Access 365. I created a simple table with two files - name and age. Entered some data, then created a query which displays both fields and sorts on age Ascending. Looking at the query results it shows the data correctly with the age sorted. Saved the query as Query1

    Then I clicked on the query and created a report. The report Data Source says it is using Query1, but the data is not sorted by the age - it is displayed as if it were using the underlying table.

    I have searched but I have not been able to find any discussion of this issue. Any idea what the problem is? I can upload the database or screen shot if that would be helpful.

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    Reports have their own sorting (and grouping)
    Source sorting is ignored
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    That did the trick. Thanks for the info. I thought in a previous version they did use the source sorting, but I may be mistaken. Thanks for replying so quickly!

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