I know a bit about VBA in Excel, but not about looping records in Access 2003, so any help will be appreciated. I think if someone can send me some sample code, I can muddle my way through. (or if you can send me alink to read how to do it that is fine also)

I presently run a macro that:
1) runs a query where User has to input a value for field [REP1] and
2) prints/saves a report in snapshot view (i have to manually type in file name)

I have to manually input the values for 20- 30 different Sales Reps [REP1] plus to manually type in the file name to save the report as.

Have a TableREPMASTER that has 1 record for each Sales Rep, field is [REP]

How do I:
using tableCURRENT MONTH CASH COLLECTIONS where field[arcashsman] = the field[REP] from the tableREPMASTER- but loop only each record in table REPMASTER one at a time.

2) Save the Report in c:\Curr Mo Sales Reports\..... as a Snapshot with the value in field [REP] added to the file name, so I know which reprot is for which [REP]

(End purpose is to automate printing a Snapshot report for only those records in table CURRENT MONTH CASH COLLECTIONS that relate to only one Sales Rep)