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    Why did you start developing in Microsoft Access?

    Hey everyone

    Why did you start developing in Microsoft Access?
    How long have you been developing in Access?
    Are you a developer in any other languages?

    I started learning Access to build a database for my father-in-laws business which has revolutionised the business especially from client reports.

    I’ve been developing in Access specifically daily since May 2020.

    I’m also able to build in PHP / JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

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    I would not say I develop/ed in Access per se.
    I started using it to create the data for

    Since then I have used it in various places of work, to make the process easier for colleagues. Made good use of forums such as these to overcome my mistakes.
    I also used it to make my life as a SSAFA Divisional Treasurer much easier. Had to give that up when SSAFA decided everything need to be done manually again.

    I am retired now, so no real need for it anymore, but like to see what others are trying to do now. Sometimes I can help on the simple things.

    I am an old DPS7 Cobol programmer. I did dabble in Foxpro, many years ago, just like I dabble in Access now.
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    since ver. 1.0, 20+ years.

    I thought, what an easy way to get the data out that we need. (while working for a company that used DOS based database)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranman256 View Post
    since ver. 1.0, 20+ years.

    I thought, what an easy way to get the data out that we need. (while working for a company that used DOS based database)
    Same here. I was using a flat file DOS database program called File Express. After I upgraded my Columbia PC to a hard disk drive (20MB drive, cost me $600.00) I felt I had a bottomless pit for storage and installed Access 2.0 from the Microsoft 5 1/4" distribution floppies. I think it was 1994. I haven't looked back since.
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    I started out with dBase III, then switched to Access 2.0, Access 95, Access 97, Access 2000, then Access 2010.
    On the Mac, I converted an Excel spreadsheet to FileMaker Pro (took a year to figure out how to make it do what I needed). Couldn't do it again if my life depended on it.

    I’ve also written a few small programs with BASIC, a ballistics program using Turbo Pascal and a couple of web sites using HTML 5 and NotePad (ages ago).
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    Started with access 2016 way back in... 2017! Dabbled with it to help out with some tasks in my otherwise unrelated to IT day job.

    Before that I spent way to many nights as a teen playing in html, css, vb6, php, mysql, JavaScript, c++, c#, ruby, and now python. and I'll throw gcode in there because why not?

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    I started with a database program in the 90's. IIRC it was part of suite a called Ability Plus but I also used an accounting program around that time which was called Account Ability, so I may not be remembering correctly. I moved on to Access 2.0, Access 95, Access97, Access2000, Access2003, Access2016 and now Access2019.
    It all started because I wanted to keep details of my customers and their orders on a computer.
    Started with a rather hefty Amstrad "Luggable" with a tiny green screen. I remember have the more expensive model that had TWO 3.5inch floppy disc drives. I had one of those drives replace with a massive 20mb hard drive that cost more than the computer had cost. I believe the total cost was around £700 pounds back then.
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    I have stuck my toe in the Access puddle many times over the last 20 years, but ended up stymied at the code and/or macros needed to make truly effective forms for users.

    Just recently I have had a project worth the effort of getting smarter about the software and its possibilities and my past experience made for a good table and relationships design. Getting data cleaned and imported works fine, and I can query the tables for the handful of reports I want.

    Now Iím studying and practicing VBA to help me with the forms side of things. Iíve dabbled in HTML and PHP, and SQL. MCode for excelís power query is another fun code that has SQL exposure underneath. Online how-to is my primary educational source, no formal training on any of it. Topic specific forums , such as this one, are a treasured resource.

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    I've been a facilities maintenance management guy since I left the Canadian army (armour officer) in the very early 1990s, though after my first regimental posting, because I was an engineer, I got involved in research and learned and used dBase III+ (and Lotus 1-2-3 along with Harvard Graphics, GW-BAsic, etc!) and was introduced to Oracle. I started with MS Access 2.0 (I think) in 1997 when the computerized maintenance management system I implemented, directed, and managed switched to an Oracle back end from an Omnis file server database. Our Oracle DBA showed me ODBC connections as a great way to make ad hoc reports and trouble shoot issues with our off the shelf CMMS from a company that had difficulties with the concept of "relational database".

    I got most of my "training" from the old usenet group,; there were some real giants there.

    I eventually found using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL passthrough queries directly via Access was more efficient. I had worked with Oracle before as well as dBase III+ and IV. I also had great fun with Mac stuff using STELLA (1988-89) and a year of Filemaker Pro in 93/94.

    I've done lots in Oracle mostly using Enterprise in an administrative role or when I wanted to create new tables, users (mostly used SQL Plus there), and PL/SQL. Also to create/alter sequences and loading from spreadsheets. But most of my Oracle work was with an Access front end. I'm currently working with Access and Jet/ACE to catalogue equipment and assets along our coasts while the organization I am part of - which has never had a CMMS - tries to implement SAP.

    I've messed with javascript for roll20 game campaigns, but apart from Oracle, I'm a one trick pony with MS Access.

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