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    Red face Ideas for moving into freelancing

    Hi! Iím new to the forum, but Iíve been using ACCESS for years. I started in R:Base (does that date me?) Most of my programming has been for myself to benefit my job. Luckily, I had a good boss that let me take some advanced courses in ACCESS, and I built a really nice inventory and ordering system for the school district I worked for at the time. I have also written some programs for some local business. My favorite part of any job I have is how I can make ACCESS streamline it.

    So, all that to say, Iím finding my current job working in an elementary school becoming too physically demanding, and Iíd like to find a way to work from home doing what I love the most - ACCESS programming. Iíd be willing to take some additional courses to bring me up-to-date with the latest technology, but I really donít know where to start. Everything Iíve seen online covers everything I already know.

    So, Iím looking for suggestions - classes to take, certifications I could get, best way to find clients that are a good fit for my knowledge.

    I appreciate all your feedback!

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    Lots of on-line competition. Maybe best bet is to find clients who want local face-to-face support.

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    Yikes! I’m taking a proofreading course, but I really love ACCESS programming. Thanks for the info.

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    As a guide - when you feel confident you can answer 70% of the questions on this forum with real solutions you are ready to go

    But agree there is a lot of very cheap, often not very good, competition out there from Russia, India etc so finding a client local to you is probably the way to go.

    Helps if you can relate your experience to the potential client, be it industry, process or departmental area such as finance, hr, production, logistics, whatever

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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